Dec. 1st, 2013

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  • Planning and executing a ridiculously delicious vegan feast!  (Pictures not to be had, because we were too embarrassed at how we were stuffing our faces!)
  • Watching the Penguins win a  game with [personal profile] schneefink  across continents! 
  • Delighting in HOW MOTHERFUCKING BADASS Katniss in in Catching Fire! (Spoilery thoughts below.)
  • Decorating a Christmas tree with dear friends!
  • SO MANY cuddles with my bunny.  
  • Realizing that I root for the Penguins EVEN IN FIC.  Oh man.
Hope everyone else with the American Thanksgiving holiday has had a good break, and everyone else a delightful weekend!  If you haven't seen it, this Sesame Street Hunger Games parody is pretty great.

Catching Fire )


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