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Over on SGA Saturday, it's SGA Appreciation week, where we're all reccing various fanarts that are related to the theme of "team."

I was going to go exploring and read some new fic, but then I realized that's what everyone else's recs are for! So, instead, I went to my pinboard and saw what I managed, in my haphazard tagging, to tag with "team."

Two Bells by Punk
It's McKay/Sheppard, but SO LOVELY AND TEAM. I just. SIGH. I love Punk, and could probably rec most of my favorite stories of her under the "Team" theme, but man, this one is a good one. John sits (volunatarily!) blindfolded in the dark, and his team stops by. <3333333!!

Firepower by penknife.
Gen, and though the author's summary is "How Rodney stopped worrying and learned to love his P90," it's that + all kinds of learning to work together as a team. I do super love the team out on missions, getting shot at and being bemused by alien customs.

A Beginner's Guide to Interplanetary Economic Policy by thingswithwings
Speaking of alien customs. This is a short one, with a McShep-y flare, but, ah, who better to share off-world customs with than your team?

I, Rodney by Alex
I had completely forgotten about this one, and it's LOOONG. Rodney's a robot! Teyla is awesome! Given that I'm in part 1 of my re-read, who knows what else could happen. Gen.
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So, Flashpoint, Season 2, Episode 10.

Spoilers... )

I should probably post about something else, huh?

Ok, well, I wrote a story for SGA Secret Santa!

Winter Spelled Backwards
3260 words
No warnings
Summary: Beware the ice!
Notes: I found this strangely difficult to write, for all that it's fluff with a little gentle hurt/comfort thrown in. Well, actually, since I was trying to have hurt/comfort + plot, and didn't really achieve that...yeah.
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Oh, pretty pretty yarn.  I buy you when I really need to be making more reasonable purchases.  But the new yarn store I visited has lots and lots of pretty yarn and cool needles and bags and everything else. 

Also, I continually find this amusing:  I arranged a bunch of books on a big shelf, and couldn't resist putting my SGA DVDs next to War and Peace.  Makes me giggle a bit every time I glance over and see them all there. 
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I just watched SGA 3.10, the Return Part I, and...
Anyways.  I'll say no more about it.  Maybe I will finally start friending people in hopes of finding out more about this amazing amazing thing.  Sometimes, I  convince myself that SGA, while awesome, is not that that great, and it's really fandom that I love.  But then I watch an episode like 3.10, and it's all so so good and I'm a little more in love with the world than I was before. 


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