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Wow, it's been nearly a year since I last posted here. WHOOPS! I will confess, I've written several posts in my head, they just never quite made it to web-paper. BUT, there have been SO MANY fandom heart moments lately, and also, I miss you, the internets! I continue to refuse to do the whole tumblr thing, but that just means I feel all disconnected, etc. So, here's to posting a giving back a little. 

1) VERONICA MARS MOVIE, OMGOMGOMG. I honestly can't even. Veronica Mars is and always and forever will my the show that my heart loves most of all. When it ended, I realized that I would never love another show quite so much, if only because, for some things, there is only so much room. There are only so many shows that one is truly willing to be a part of campaigns and spend significant amounts of personal moneys for, and VM is it for me.
 veronica cast 3
I mean, they are so beautiful and snuggly, COME ON.

Veronica Mars reintroduced me to fandom (oh, that summer after the first season, slowly dipping my toe into those fanfic waters), and was the reason I got a LJ account at all. The show I wouldn't have discovered if it weren't for the old version of Television Without Pity! Just, SO MUCH GLEE. SO MUCH.

2) OH ELEMENTARY. Honestly, this show is quite possibly the best. Well, no, I won't lie, I'm not that fond of the NYC setting. Maybe it's just I get enough of it with Castle, or if I'm just feeling a little midwest pride and wishing it could have been Chicago, but whatever. Let's set that aside, because THIS SHOW. The last three episodes have been more amazing than the last, and while I've been enjoying it quite a bit, I really never thought I would get to the point where I would choose it over Sherlock, but it happened, and I want to tell you why.

2a) There really is something to be said when a TV understands its own advantage, ie, the slow burn. And theirs has been done so well. Time to get to know each other, test each other, and truly come to appreciate each other. It's something that miniseries and movies have a harder time with, and this show got it just right.

2b) The proposal! Stay on permanently. Not as my sober companion. As my companion...I am better with you, Watson. I am sharper. More focused. Difficult to say why, exactly. Perhaps in time I'll solve that as well.

2c) The training!!!@! I just love how serious he was about training her. The first episode after she accepts his proposal, they'll be at a scene, and he'll be Sherlock-ly explaining something, and then will stop and ask her to explain. And Lucy Liu is of course wonderful and does it in a way that's all awkward but yes, doing it, and Sherlock is so nonchalant about it! And then the next episode: he gives her a case!

I mean, honestly guys, I love the look and feel and overwhelming emotion of the BBC Sherlock, and I won't stop, despite really disliking Stephen Moffatt quite a bit, but can you imagine Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock ever giving his Watson a case and being encouraging and helpful about supporting Watson in solving it? Ahahahaha. NO. And that's ok, he doesn't need to be, but I love Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock, and I love love love Lucy Liu as Watson, and I'm so glad this show was picked up for another season.

3) FIC, I LOVE YOU. Here's a couple I've enjoyed recently. You go enjoy them too!

Toomuchplor's et les mots croisés (Inception, Eames/Arthur) -- I love plor's writing, I would read it all day (and sometimes do!), and I love how she challenged herself here to do a real mpreg (I know!) and mmm, it's good. Technically a WIP, but in a way that won't leave you hanging.

Shem's A hit, a very palpable hit (Pride and Predjudice, Kitty/other) -- I KNOW! I forgot how I stumbled on this, but I'm glad I did! It was a little like reading the historical romance novel version of P&P, and pretty fun. I love Kitty, and how it's silly and good all at once.

Après moi le deluge by Lake (beyond_belief) (Generation Kill, Brad Colbert/Nate Fick) -- Someone else recced this, and I LOVE IT. Just discovered there is a sequel, which is also excellent. It's soul bonding, but in this super realistic way? I don't know, go read it. I'm not in this fandom, I know nothing of this fandom, but this is a super excellent story.
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