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I have loved loved loved seeing people posting to DW and LJ these days. You guys are awesome! In the spirit of posting little things more often, I just listened to the Subway episode of Welcome to Nightvale and am just DYING.


I honestly don't understand. Transit as a portal to infinite space/time knowledge?! I am refraining from quoting the whole thing with exclamation marks, which, to be honest, is how I feel most episodes, so. 

In other news.

Hockey! Yeah, so, I fell into hockey RPF. Sid/Geno, hearts in my eyes! The worst/best is....I've also decided to actually follow hockey. I mean. I love baseball. But I already care more and have listened to more preseason hockey games than I ever have of baseball. I've looked up sports bars in order to see where I can watch games. I've considered subscribing to the digital service that would allow me to see some games. (But not the playoffs, come on!) I know about "lines" and "power plays" and "hat tricks." I finally understand the appeal of the large, HD television. (The ice, it's so clear! I can actually see the puck! Oh god, who am I?!) Don't get me wrong. Obsessing about hockey is somewhat necessary because there isn't much fic, but I read through most/all of what was on AO3 and am now going back and basically reading it all over again. SO MANY FEELINGS. 

In case you are now wondering, man, what made her think it was okay to jump straight into sports RPF (not that one needs a justification or excuse), well, Generation Kill? And in fact, BOTH of these can be blamed on a combination of [personal profile] thefourthvine and soul-bounding fic, which is apparently a weak spot I have.  More on this later. Perhaps. 

And with that, one final the moment of greatest despair and hopelessness, when you least expect it, a shuttle bus will come to you.*

*Welcome to Nightvale, Episode 29, Subway
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