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Farscape first, but we'll go under the cut. )

Ok, ALSO, I'm sure everyone has seen this, but just in case....madseason drew this fantastic genderbent Sherlock and John (totally SFW) right here and then some super awesome ladies were like heeeey! and matched the drawing in real life. AMAZING!!. Seriously, I love fandom. <3333!!

Oh, and I wrote some SGA Saturday things lately.

Some Kind of Cure, a Jennifer-centric slice of life in a world post-breaking up with Rodney. It's a little ridiculous, but not cracky.
5 Modes of Transportation in the Pegasus Galaxy, which is basically what it sounds like, except instead of writing about puddle jumpers and feet like I'd meant to, I wrote about feet and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. And other things.

The next SGA Saturday prompt is THREE WEEKS (that's practically enough time to write 10,000 words people!) and based on a quotation of Robert Anton Wilson.
“We have been told over and over that 'you can't change human nature', but the study of emic realities shows quite the contrary, that almost anything can become 'human nature' if society defines it as such.”
Thinky huh? All sorts of fandom works are welcomed at SGA Saturday, including the expected fic and art, but also rec lists! We'd love to see lots of people there.
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Journalist Anthony Shadid died yesterday (2/16), from an allergy attack while he was reporting from Syria. It's been in the news today. Fresh Air rebroadcast the interview they did with him last December, which was the first time I'd heard anything about him personally (despite his multiple Pulizer Prizes.)

It was one of those interviews that stuck with me. A slice of life from the Middle East in this time of change, and a picture of the people behind the news. I can't imagine how his family and loved ones must be feeling, though, of course, hearing about his death has saddened me, both for the man and for the work he was doing. One of the other things that struck me through the Fresh Air interview back in December was how matter of fact he was--about being afraid, about making choices and having those sometimes be the wrong ones. But most of all about how important it was to tell the stories of the people in these countries. And I guess I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you. To Shadid, and to all of the journalists, all of the writers, everywhere, doing that work. Thank you, so so so much.

On a lighter note, NPR panned This Means War but said nice things about Tom Hardy, so I will take it.
All the performers seem more than game — even Hardy, who would seem to be the odd man out here; he's a superb and chameleonic dramatic actor trying his hand at silly comedy for the first time.

Everyone loves Tom Hardy! <33333333333333333333333333. In the spirit of [personal profile] cherrybina , FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE:

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Item 1: Snowflakes...So I kind of flaked out on that whole Snowflake thing huh?* I think the posting everyday thing was a bit overwhelming! But I loved that challenge, and kind of hope to get back into it. Maybe one a week? Let's start now.

Snowflake Day 6 (late edition) )

Item 2: Also realized I'd never pointed out the lovely John/Rodney story I got for Christmas! (when one things leads to another) Follow Along, by [personal profile] peet4paint . And then, because I am TOO LUCKY, she wrote me another fic, totally unrelated that's here. Yay, too much to handle!

Item 3: SHERLOCK. I saw the Scandal...and had mixed feelings (including some really high highs), but I'm DYING not having seen the rest yet. Thankfully, friends and I will be watching tomorrow and then I can read all of the reviews, etc. I have been bookmarking everyone I've seen on my flist, because I know I will need to do some flailing once they are done. Oh Sherlock!

Item 4: Finally made myself a fannish twitter! Find me, and tweet fannish delight my way! @nella_citta

*I giggled to myself, but did not actually mean to make the pun there. Does that make it better?
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So, Flashpoint, Season 2, Episode 10.

Spoilers... )

I should probably post about something else, huh?

Ok, well, I wrote a story for SGA Secret Santa!

Winter Spelled Backwards
3260 words
No warnings
Summary: Beware the ice!
Notes: I found this strangely difficult to write, for all that it's fluff with a little gentle hurt/comfort thrown in. Well, actually, since I was trying to have hurt/comfort + plot, and didn't really achieve that...yeah.


Jan. 6th, 2012 06:58 pm
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After seeing the movie for the third time [personal profile] esteefee got inspired to write perhaps my favorite pairing in the recent Sherlock Holmes movie verse: Holmes/Watson/Mary.

Title: Jack in the Box
Author: [personal profile] esteefee
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: N/A
Words: 11,207
Summary: After Holmes returns there are recriminations. And then changes, subtle and insidious. There might be a plot afoot. If only Holmes were more of a detective.

It's told from Holmes's perspective, which is probably the hardest voice to get right, but she really captured these characters for me, in a big way. The way they move so quickly between being serious and silly or happy or nervous, etc felt so much like the best parts of the movie, and there are moments where I SEE RDJ's face as Holmes, and it's really just marvelous. Go read!!
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I'm a bit late on this, but it's such a great idea and I want to participate, so here goes. Three fanworks. I love being all self-reflective, so while these may not be the best ever, they all taught me something about writing fic (what I like, what's effing hard, etc.)

Self recs are here.... )
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I smooched! It makes me so happy that [personal profile] gaffsie revived one of my favorite things about SGA fandom (hint: the KISSING), so I'm especially excited that I finally wrote something for it. There's time for you to write or draw or create something too! SGA Smooching ends tomorrow, Nov 14th, so get to it!

Here's my little smooch.
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I've been taking some long and boring plane rides recently and thus was thinking about how much more sane and happy podfic makes me, and then it turns out it's Podfic Awareness Week, so yay for good timing and deadlines making me actually follow through.

This is certainly not all inclusive, but these are the podfics on my iPod right now, and thus they are the ones that have been helping to make me sane and happy person.

Podfic recs here... )
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Oh Leverage! I've been downloading and watching Season 4 while doing crafty things, because this show just isn't good enough to distract my full attention. And while the Hardison/Parker/Eliot dynamic that I love has been better this season, there's always too much Nate for me. Anyways, so I mostly watch and try to ignore how dumb it is and just enjoy Parker being awesome, which is thankfully something this show also likes, AND THEN, Season 4, Episode 7, spoilers........... )


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