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So excited for this year's snowflake challenge! I've dabbled in so many fandoms this year, and then fallen DEEPLY into HockeyRPF, and I'm looking forward to celebrating it! Yay!
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Item 1: Snowflakes...So I kind of flaked out on that whole Snowflake thing huh?* I think the posting everyday thing was a bit overwhelming! But I loved that challenge, and kind of hope to get back into it. Maybe one a week? Let's start now.

Snowflake Day 6 (late edition) )

Item 2: Also realized I'd never pointed out the lovely John/Rodney story I got for Christmas! (when one things leads to another) Follow Along, by [personal profile] peet4paint . And then, because I am TOO LUCKY, she wrote me another fic, totally unrelated that's here. Yay, too much to handle!

Item 3: SHERLOCK. I saw the Scandal...and had mixed feelings (including some really high highs), but I'm DYING not having seen the rest yet. Thankfully, friends and I will be watching tomorrow and then I can read all of the reviews, etc. I have been bookmarking everyone I've seen on my flist, because I know I will need to do some flailing once they are done. Oh Sherlock!

Item 4: Finally made myself a fannish twitter! Find me, and tweet fannish delight my way! @nella_citta

*I giggled to myself, but did not actually mean to make the pun there. Does that make it better?
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I'm a bit late on this, but it's such a great idea and I want to participate, so here goes. Three fanworks. I love being all self-reflective, so while these may not be the best ever, they all taught me something about writing fic (what I like, what's effing hard, etc.)

Self recs are here.... )


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