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Rec!! I don't normally post recs from SGA Saturday, because I love every single everything that is posted there, but we only had one entry last week, and it's an uncommon pairing, which means most people (myself included) probably wouldn't seek it out. But instead of doing that, you should read it!

Reel Genius
Author: Panisdead
Pairing: Jennifer Keller/Teyla Emmagan
Rating: NC-17

The characterization of both Jennifer and Teyla is amazing, and the sex is hot and fun and the whole thing is so incredible dead on right that it demands an audience.

TV Talk:
1) Saw the Hunger Games last Friday and I LOVED IT. I think it helped that it had been a while since I read the book, so the details were fuzzy, but Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson were GREAT and I loved the sets and I thought it was appropriately brutal and awful. Cinna! EFFIE! <333!! I am legit looking forward to the next one, and mostly not thinking about the third.

2) It's months and months late, but DOWNTON ABBY! MY HEART!!! Seriously, the Christmas special was so wonderful. I still can't believe poor Lavinia got killed off like that, but I like how horrible Matthew looked for weeks after, and Anna! Oh god, I cried so much with Anna those last few episodes. How will the Bates story line be resolved??? I love it.

3) I continue to be baffled by how much I dislike Mad Men and yet am compelled to watch it.

4) KORRA!!!!! Did you guys catch the first two episodes on Korra Nation?? REALLY loved them, and it seems like it's going to be an entirely different series.

More recs!
Author: esteefee
Fandom: SGA

It's a Sentinel crossover, and I can say as someone who has never seen a Sentinel episode: you don't need to. It's GREAT. John is a new "recruit" to the Mountain, where Rodney is sciencing away. And there's adventures and sexual tension (and sex!) and misunderstandings of the most marvelous kind, and technology mishaps, and John is SO JOHN and Rodney is also exactly himself, and I highly recommend it.

Freedom's Chance
Author: ladysorka
Fandom: SGA

It's a sci-fi AU for the SGA (and some SG-1) characters, and it's really really good. It felt a little bit Firefly, though more in the dystopic sci-fi future with a faceless "core" than anything else, and Rodney is FANTASTIC, as is John and, oh, the whole thing. Go read!

they'll find our bones together
Author: M_Leigh
Fandom: Inception

APOCOFIC. It is BLEAK you guys. BLEAK. And I really loved it.
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