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Fic Index! Whoo! Eventually maybe I'll put all of these on AO3, but in the meantime here they are.

Note on warnings: I'm following the AO3 standard here, so if there's no warning, that means: no graphic depictions of violence, no major character death, no rape/non-con, no underage. If you notice something in one of my stories that should be warned for, please please let me know. I don't promise unconditionally to add a warning, but I do want to know if there's something triggering that I didn't catch.

Find the list here... )

Transform away! If you would like to do anything transformative with any of these, please feel free! I would consider it a huge compliment. Just let me know so I can check it out!

Recs etc! AND, if you want to read stuff that isn't mine, but that I have enjoyed, check out my pinboard FAR FAR more multi-fandom than my writing, though I've tried to organize at least fandoms and pairings with clear tags.
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So excited for this year's snowflake challenge! I've dabbled in so many fandoms this year, and then fallen DEEPLY into HockeyRPF, and I'm looking forward to celebrating it! Yay!
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  • Planning and executing a ridiculously delicious vegan feast!  (Pictures not to be had, because we were too embarrassed at how we were stuffing our faces!)
  • Watching the Penguins win a  game with [personal profile] schneefink  across continents! 
  • Delighting in HOW MOTHERFUCKING BADASS Katniss in in Catching Fire! (Spoilery thoughts below.)
  • Decorating a Christmas tree with dear friends!
  • SO MANY cuddles with my bunny.  
  • Realizing that I root for the Penguins EVEN IN FIC.  Oh man.
Hope everyone else with the American Thanksgiving holiday has had a good break, and everyone else a delightful weekend!  If you haven't seen it, this Sesame Street Hunger Games parody is pretty great.

Catching Fire )
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I have loved loved loved seeing people posting to DW and LJ these days. You guys are awesome! In the spirit of posting little things more often, I just listened to the Subway episode of Welcome to Nightvale and am just DYING.

Gushing.... )

In other news.

I've decided: I'm now into hockey. )

In case you are now wondering, man, what made her think it was okay to jump straight into sports RPF (not that one needs a justification or excuse), well, Generation Kill? And in fact, BOTH of these can be blamed on a combination of [personal profile] thefourthvine and soul-bounding fic, which is apparently a weak spot I have.  More on this later. Perhaps. 

And with that, one final the moment of greatest despair and hopelessness, when you least expect it, a shuttle bus will come to you.*

*Welcome to Nightvale, Episode 29, Subway
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Over on SGA Saturday, it's SGA Appreciation week, where we're all reccing various fanarts that are related to the theme of "team."

I was going to go exploring and read some new fic, but then I realized that's what everyone else's recs are for! So, instead, I went to my pinboard and saw what I managed, in my haphazard tagging, to tag with "team."

Two Bells by Punk
It's McKay/Sheppard, but SO LOVELY AND TEAM. I just. SIGH. I love Punk, and could probably rec most of my favorite stories of her under the "Team" theme, but man, this one is a good one. John sits (volunatarily!) blindfolded in the dark, and his team stops by. <3333333!!

Firepower by penknife.
Gen, and though the author's summary is "How Rodney stopped worrying and learned to love his P90," it's that + all kinds of learning to work together as a team. I do super love the team out on missions, getting shot at and being bemused by alien customs.

A Beginner's Guide to Interplanetary Economic Policy by thingswithwings
Speaking of alien customs. This is a short one, with a McShep-y flare, but, ah, who better to share off-world customs with than your team?

I, Rodney by Alex
I had completely forgotten about this one, and it's LOOONG. Rodney's a robot! Teyla is awesome! Given that I'm in part 1 of my re-read, who knows what else could happen. Gen.
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Wow, it's been nearly a year since I last posted here. WHOOPS! I will confess, I've written several posts in my head, they just never quite made it to web-paper. BUT, there have been SO MANY fandom heart moments lately, and also, I miss you, the internets! I continue to refuse to do the whole tumblr thing, but that just means I feel all disconnected, etc. So, here's to posting a giving back a little. Veronica Mars, Elementary, and some fic recs! )Veronica Mars, Elementary, and some fic recs! )
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KDRAMA I LOVE YOU!!!!! Lots of thoughts on this to follow, but first, I wrote something! Yay!

Title: A Few Minutes More
Pairings: Rodney/John
Warnings: None
Words: 269
Summary: It was quiet, finally, when John found Rodney sitting out on the pier.


And I have soooooooo many thoughts about so many things. I probably shouldn't try to squeeze them all into one post, but they are all connected, so maybe I can be clear and concise rather than rambling and long-winded? We'll see.

Thoughts here... )
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Why am I so weak against certain storylines? )

Annnnnnnnnd, anyone else out there watching Korean dramas? Recommendations? Thoughts? I want to watch more, but I'm worried I stumbled on one of the better ones, and, well.

Ok, and for people interested in something other than k-drama, hermette posted a Merlin/Arthur video that I can't stop watching, go get sucked in here.

And I think everyone and their mom already knows about esteefee's hug fest, but I wrote a tiny SGA hug and am considering more. More hugs you guys!

silhouette of two people hugging with caption HUGFEST 2012
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Rec!! I don't normally post recs from SGA Saturday, because I love every single everything that is posted there, but we only had one entry last week, and it's an uncommon pairing, which means most people (myself included) probably wouldn't seek it out. But instead of doing that, you should read it!

Reel Genius
Author: Panisdead
Pairing: Jennifer Keller/Teyla Emmagan
Rating: NC-17

The characterization of both Jennifer and Teyla is amazing, and the sex is hot and fun and the whole thing is so incredible dead on right that it demands an audience.

More recs, and spoilers for the Hunger Games, Downton Abby, Mad Men, and possibly more, behind the cut. )


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