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See title. At some point kinda late last week, I signed in to netflix to see what there was to entertain me. And what there was, was a whoooole series of recs for K-drama. First: have these been on netflix all this time and I'm only just seeing them?? What other wonders does netflix hold? Because second: ADDICTED. Or at least, I became immediately addicted to one in particular, Boys Over Flowers. It's only 25 episodes (about an hour each) and it's like the best kind of soap opera, where the plot moves forward at a pretty rapid pace. (Seriously, in my searching for some kind of community, I found some reviews complaining about the slow pacing of the second half, but clearly those people had never suffered the glacial pacing of daytime American soaps.)

But anyways, back to the title of this post. The general plot of the story is a pretty good one. Headstrong poor girl gets thrown into a rich school and people torture/fall in love with her. A classic, right? The thing that baffled me about my own reaction is HOW QUICKLY I fell into liking her ostensible romantic partner even though at the beginning he was SO SO AWFUL. Just, an unbearably awful human being in every possible way. I think part of it is the acting, in that he's actually pretty good, and also that I am a sucker for characters being in love with other characters and that love making them a better person. Ugh, I am disappointed in myself for just writing that, but IT'S TRUE. It's a powerful story for a reason, I suppose.

Do you guys have this problem? When you know in your heart and your mind that character X needs to STAY FAR AWAY from character b, but in your other heart you want them to live happily ever after? 

Annnnnnnnnd, anyone else out there watching Korean dramas? Recommendations? Thoughts? I want to watch more, but I'm worried I stumbled on one of the better ones, and, well.

Ok, and for people interested in something other than k-drama, hermette posted a Merlin/Arthur video that I can't stop watching, go get sucked in here.

And I think everyone and their mom already knows about esteefee's hug fest, but I wrote a tiny SGA hug and am considering more. More hugs you guys!

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