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Created a "Fuck you, Steven Moffat" tag just for this. Satisfying.

Doctor Who: I was super super super super SUPER irritated that the plot of this episode seemed to somehow rest upon the fact that Clara doesn't understand wifi.  WTF?!  She's not 70!  I have been telling myself that's it's all plot related, so we'll see, but the the whole "Is it a demon?" "No a woman!" thing was not plot related, and UGH.  

Oh Doctor. I know you are kind of creepy, it's actually your deal, but the amount of time this episode that you watched over Clara sleeping and then camped outside of her house, it was especially creepy.  But then, I never did find Say Anything romantic, so.  

Also, the fact that the powerful villain at the center of this episode ended up getting regressed to the point of baby talk was pretty upsetting, and I know it was supposed to be, but again, why is it always the women who get put to bed and made into children.

All that said, I did really like the Doctor collecting money for the amazing appearing TARDIS, and it was cool to see so much of London.  



On a happier note...

Recs! These are mostly ones I stumbled on from [personal profile] thefourthvine's recs, which are amazing and wonderful, but they're old rec posts and even older works (mostly?), and I felt the need to share the love.

First up, Two Atoms in a Molecule is an SGA,  John/Rodney vid...but it's also SO MUCH MORE THAN A VID.  The animation is lovely, I want to frame it and put it on my wall, but sadly that's hard to do with animation.  It's really cool though, and pretty funny as well.  Oh John Sheppard.....

OMG is another vid, this time Doctor Who/Torchwood!  And it's about my favorite part of Doctor Who: the companions. It's pre-Amy, which is too bad, because especially now that she's gone, I'd love to try and think of them all together--is that even possible?  Hmm.  But, anyhow, it's great.  Companions!!  The song is strangely perfect and somewhat hilarious as well.  

For Your Information is Merlin, Arthur/Merlin fic.  Modern AU, in which Uther is both awful and trying as hard as his tiny tiny heart can try, and it's lovely, you should read it!

Finally, In Our Kingdom By the Sea, which is, quite literally, an Inception story melded with the Little Mermaid.  But GOD, it's good.  First, forget the Disney version and think dark, darker even than the Han Christian Anderson.  Basically it goes from there, and ugh, so good.  

Next time, we'll explore a subcategory: Soul-bonding but not!  Whoo!


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