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  • Planning and executing a ridiculously delicious vegan feast!  (Pictures not to be had, because we were too embarrassed at how we were stuffing our faces!)
  • Watching the Penguins win a  game with [personal profile] schneefink  across continents! 
  • Delighting in HOW MOTHERFUCKING BADASS Katniss in in Catching Fire! (Spoilery thoughts below.)
  • Decorating a Christmas tree with dear friends!
  • SO MANY cuddles with my bunny.  
  • Realizing that I root for the Penguins EVEN IN FIC.  Oh man.
Hope everyone else with the American Thanksgiving holiday has had a good break, and everyone else a delightful weekend!  If you haven't seen it, this Sesame Street Hunger Games parody is pretty great.

KATNISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, this movie was pretty great.  The movies have done SUCH a good job by taking a universal perspective, rather than just the Katniss perspective, it's really amazing.  I had also forgotten HOW AWESOME all of the tributes were.  JOANNA!!!  FINNICK!!!!  But all of them, I just, sigh.  LOVE.  And the clothes were soooooooooo much better.  SO GREAT.  Effie's butterfly dress, and the flames on Katniss and Peeta when they were in the chariot, SO IMPROVED.  Clearly this is just a lot of flailing, but I really enjoyed it.  


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