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Just watched a sub titled version of Studio Ghibli's "Tales of Earthsea." 

The Good: Steampunk dragons!  The domesticity, fixing the fence, Tenar watching Ged.  

The bad: Oh, it's just a confusing plot, I think on it's own, but definitely when you're trying to put it into the context of the books. And the animation overall just isn't up to par.  It should be breathtakingly beautiful, and there are only a couple of moments where the animation really shines. 

So, it's a blending of the 1st, 3rd, and 4th books.  I think combining the 3rd and 4th books could have worked.  It would still be a completely different story from either of those two, but I like the idea of combining the story of two men/boys with the story of Tenar and Tehanu.  I don't know where the plot would have gone in the end, but there's already some overlap, so I could see it as a possibility. 

In fact, I bet there's fanfic out there that does try to do that.  It's funny, usually when a story disappoints me, I am happy to turn to fanfic to share with me far prettier and more thoughtful words.  But in this case, I can just reread the originals and be happy.  Studio Ghibi could have produced a totally crazy translation of the books, and if it had been beautiful, if I had caught my breath at seeing Gont, or the fountain on the island of Roke, or or or, I would be a little more apt to forgive. Ah well. Maybe it's just as well the disappointment comes from such a pedestrian source, and I can believe that it's possible to make such beautiful words into images. I can dream. 

Ms. Le Guin's response to the movie.


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